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Happiest Halloween

Wassup! boys It is your girl Tokyo and Nairobi! Halloween was lit... We ordered these amazing costumes and they turned out to be so good. The cloth was genuine cotton comfortable and fit. The best part of it was when we were walking down the time square and some people confused us with the actual actors. We both were overwhelmed by the joy. What can we say that has not been said about Tikshoppers till date! It's simply amazing  Thank you Tikshoppers for our halloween.     

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Happy Wife, Happy Life

It was our anniversary and I didn’t know what to gift her, my pocket was running dry due to the lockdown but I wanted to gift her something special. What is better than Gold? Every time she wears it, it reminds her of me. So I gifted her 24K Gold Moisture Serum from TikShoppers. Gave her something expensive + something to take care of her. She was very happy and we had a great time. Just selling your product is not enough connecting with your customers and understanding their needs is also important and TikShoppers excels at it. Thank You! TikShoppers P.S: "Happy wife, happy life".

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Bumping Into The Light

Our little boy is trusty during the late night hours, goes to the kitchen to get water and always ends up bumping head or toe on the table or the chair. Well once or twice was okay but this started to happen too often so we talked to our friends and family and they suggested to install a small night lamp.  We couldn’t find optimal sized lamp or either some were too bright or some were too dim. Then we came across this Tree light table lamp. It was just so perfect! The purple light looks so good and not too big or bright. And yes now our little boy doesn’t bump his legs or head. Thank You TikShoppers.

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Dash X Lily

Straight out of college I was broke but I had to purpose to her I knew it was now or never she is the one. Lily was into punk bands and music. I knew I had to do something related to it… searched, searched and searched… Until I came across the best offer at TikShoppers. While I am writing this it is not I it is Us Dash X Lily. Life has never been the same after that day. We have faced Ups and Downs together and it was you guys who started us. Thank You TikShoppers.

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All Heroes Don't Wear A Cape

Hi is this Jake and the story is not for faint hearted. It all started when we decided to go to camping at White River in Colorado. No network coverage, phone with discharging batteries… Things were starting to get real not knowing which moment will be our last moment anything could happen Animals, Insets and dangerous plants. We regretted that we went on a stray path. After long hours he came for our help to save our lives. He was with us this whole time inside our bag we had forgot about it. HEDELI flash light so powerful, so durable and even water resistant. We couldn’t have found the road if it wasn’t for its high range flash light beam....

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