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Hey Marc here,

Well I am here to talk about how things went left when my package got stolen. Tikshoppers helped me to overcome the situation.

All started in August when I ordered the hidden CCTV camera which is also a blub. 

My delivery guy stole it and fooled me into believing that it has been cancelled I complained to customer services and OMG! they got in and handled the legal work and also helped the officials to catch the culprit. 

As an apology they sent me another spy camera and now I have not one but two of 'em

The product is an A grade, hands down I am giving them a 5/5 star for the product and services. 

P.S: If I wouldn't be happy would I be writing this my man? This website is awesome and verified. You can trust my word.

Thank you Tikshoppers for the invite. 

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